World’s First Test-Tube Burger Debuts In London

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London is about to meet the burger that cost more than $380,000 to develop, and not because it comes from the world’s fanciest restaurant, but because it was grown in a Petri dish. It took researchers nine weeks to grow the burger they hope will solve the problem of increased global demand for protein and meat. According to the World Health Organization, demand for meat is going to double over the next 40 years and current production methods are not sustainable. The world’s first test-tube burger is made from 20,000 strips of cultured meat mixed with lab-grown animal fat. The process involves taking stem cells from cows and allowing them to grow and multiply into muscle cells on a Petri dish with the help of a ‘growth medium.’ By the time they reach 3,000 cell strands, the meat is ready for the grinder! Although the first burger comes with a hefty price tag, the goal is to make meat less costly to produce and sell. The 5 oz lab-grown burger will debut in London on August 5th. Brought To You By:
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